About Us

Great Products Made by Great People!

With a focus in yogurt manufacturing, we meet a variety of dairy manufacturing needs through our processes: receiving, pasteurization, homogenizing and batching, and filling. 

Our Story

The structure in which Carolina Dairy resides was originally built by the town to attract business. The building first housed a textile manufacturing company, and then it was utilized as a warehouse by a second manufacturer.

Carolina Dairy was established when the original owners of the company began to manufacture yogurt in a pouch. 

Carolina Dairy was created by individuals with extensive knowledge in the dairy industry. Carolina Dairy began in Biscoe, NC in March 2014, and our first batch of high quality product was manufactured in October 2014. Our team includes employees from all over the country and the surrounding towns who specialize in specific areas. Each of our dedicated employees contribute to our Company’s success.

Our Mission

To promote our core values of respect, safety, quality, trust, integrity and community by producing the best tasting and highest quality foods for our customers, promoting a safe and autonomous work environment with opportunities for professional growth for our employees, possessing a deep entrepreneurial spirit with a drive to innovate, and supporting our local community.

Our Team

With over 90 years of dairy and production experience, our team is comprised of some of the most experienced personnel across the globe. Our highly skilled R&D department with over 25 years experience is constantly focused on entering new markets. With an ever changing food industry we have the experienced staff with the knowledge to get you where you want to be. Carolina Dairy sees the big picture and helps you achieve the goals you set out to achieve.

Our Core Values


At Carolina Dairy, we have the utmost respect not only for our employees but our customers as well. We value every one and strive to maintain strong relationships across the board.


Providing a safe work environment to our employees is as important as delivering high quality product to our customers and consumers. Using modern equipment and technology we created a workplace where employees feel safe.


We strive to be a positive influence within our community. Carolina Dairy provides career opportunities, participates in local events, and gives back to the people that reside in our neighborhood and surrounding communities. 


At Carolina Dairy, we believe that creating honesty from within maintains trust and builds relationships with our customers and employees.


Carolina Dairy is committed to develop, manufacture, and sell safe high quality products that nourish families.

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